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At Faramond Group we strongly believe that we have a responsibility to our world and its people. Not only will we strive to create a positive working environment, we shall attempt to instil in our employees the importance of social responsibility to our corporate culture. Faramond's commitment to social causes and to protecting the world around us will be vital to our financial and spiritual advancement, both as a company and as individuals.

Charitable Giving Program
As part of our commitment to social and corporate responsibility, Faramond has established the Charitable Giving Program. The program allows passionate members of the staff to play an active role in addressing the needs of the less fortunate and to participate in what they would deem to be worthwhile causes around the world. Each year, Faramond will make charitable donations to support a range of these causes, programs and non-profit organizations around the globe.

Employees are also encouraged to take an active interest in supporting local community projects in the cities and countries where they reside, as well as supporting world-wide projects and charities.

Faramond's Charitable Giving Program will be diverse in the nature and geographical breakdown of its contributions, although there may be a bias toward those countries in which Faramond has operations.

The Environment
We believe that it is everyone's responsibility to take care of the environment, and that this duty falls to individuals and corporations alike. Faramond pledges to support those organisations that work toward safeguarding our planet, which includes addressing concerns about climate change, deforestation and water and air pollution.

Human Rights Standards
Wherever and whenever possible, we will support humanitarian causes around the world. We believe that every individual is entitled to basic rights and freedoms, and will support organizations that share this belief. These organisations will work towards improving all aspects of human development, including access to medical care, fresh water and food.

Equal Opportunities
Faramond nurtures a culture of tolerance towards all races, creeds and religions, and to make sure that the working environment promotes equal opportunities. There must also be a mutual respect that supersedes the corporate hierarchy, and no individual should take precedence over another.

Ethical Practices
We adhere at all times to the Faramond Code of Conduct and Ethical Practices, and will always work with the clients' best interests at heart. Neither the company nor it employees will compromise on honesty. We will be impartial with advice, and all employees will conduct themselves with the highest levels of integrity at all times.

Client Privacy and Data Protection
We treat all clients' details and records with the strictest of confidence, and will not divulge such information to any third party without the consent of the client. The company has implemented security measures to ensure that all data, irrespective of the time held, is protected from the possibility of theft or fraudulent use. Should specific client records be deemed obsolete (according to the legal definition in each jurisdiction where Faramond operates) such records shall be shredded.

AML Requirements
Faramond shall adhere to the strictest global Anti-Money Laundering standards at all times. We shall react immediately to any changes to AML legislations, and do what is necessary to aid in the prevention and detection of AML. Faramond will also support the prosecution of those found to be in breech of the law.

Faramond Indonesia is not authorised to give investment advice in Indonesia.
Any such advice is provided by our strategic partners or sister companies in the United Kingdom, Malaysia or Singapore.